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My Background

I am a certified NY Electrologist and Laser Technician and have been in practice since 2015. To get started, I opened my practice in my home and built my clientele enough to finally move to a retail spot. And in June, I combined with Smooth Laser to create an upscale All-In-One place for your hair removal needs and skin concerns. We will specialize not only in Electrolysis, but also, laser hair removal, laser skin tightening and resurfacing, facials, pigmentation removal and tattoo removal.

Located at 415 Broadway, Brooklyn 11211, Electrolysis of Williamsburg, Brooklyn (by the Hewes Street JMZ subway stop) is an ideal spot within walking distance of the JMZLG trains. So, whether you live in Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan, I’m convenient and easy to get to.

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“Electrolysis isn’t just cosmetic”

A person’s confidence and self-esteem can be affected by unwanted hair, especially on the face and breast.

My clients tell me all the time how much Electrolysis has changed their lives. Before getting treatment for unwanted facial hair, they would never leave the house without shaving or plucking and applying a heavy layer of foundation to cover up the redness and ingrown hairs caused by their everyday morning routine.

After a few months into their treatment, they report mornings not needing to shave and when they do (just before the next appointment) there’s considerably less hairs to shave or hide with thick make-up. But more importantly, they are no longer afraid to stand closer to friends or let someone touch their face or see them without makeup. Not spending so much energy worrying, “people might see my face hairs,” is life-changing for them and a reason I enjoy being an Electrologist-not a waxer.

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