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HI! I'm Julia

I am a certified NY Electrologist and Laser Technician and have been in practice since 2015. To get started, I opened my practice in my home and built my clientele enough to finally move to a retail spot. And in June, I combined with Smooth Laser to create an upscale All-In-One place for your hair and skin concerns.  I am now located and share space inside Zapped at 415 Broadway, Brooklyn. We will specialize not only in Electrolysis, but also, laser hair removal.

Located at 415 Broadway, Brooklyn 11211, Electrolysis of Williamsburg, Brooklyn (by the Hewes Street JMZ subway stop) is an ideal spot within walking distance of the JMZLG trains. So, whether you live in Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan, I’m convenient and easy to get to. 





What I Offer

My Practice Offers the following:

  • Office in Williamsburg convenient to LGMJZ trains

  • Sterilized equipment

  • Evening and Weekends

  • Thermolysis Electrolysis

  • Treating Men’s: Ears, Eyebrows, Chest, Backs Shoulders & Hands

  • Treating Women’s Face & Body

  • Discounts for women with PCOS and transitioning clients


    Let’s Talk About Electrolysis

    Is electrolysis safe, effective, and approved?

    Probe (needle) type electrolysis is the only safe method of permanent hair removal that is recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    How does electrolysis work?

    The electrologist inserts a very fine, sterile probe alongside the hair in the follicle (The skin is not punctured). A very slight amount of electrical current producing heat is applied through this probe, the heat reacts with the water in your skin and its heated water not electricity that destroys the hair root, ending further hair growth.

    Does electrolysis work with all hair? 

    Electrolysis brings the heat directly to the source and only destroys the cells that need to be eliminated, leaving the skin intact.  And since it does not rely on the amount of pigment in the hair or skin, it can treat all hair and skin colors equally well.

    Is electrolysis painful?

    There might be some discomfort when inserting the needle, but mostly, the couple of zaps of electricity can feel like the snap of a rubber band. And like a snap of a rubber band, it’s quick and the pain doesn’t linger. If you’re use to plucking, it’s about the same pain level. Most patients report tweezing and waxing to be much more uncomfortable then electrolysis treatments.

    How long is a typical session? And how much?

    Depending on how much hair you have, not the area on the body, determines how long your sessions will take.


  • 15min-$45

  • PCOS & Transitioning $5 is discounted each session.

  • Package Prices:  Buy a package of five it will take off $7 each session.

    If you have scattered hairs on your chin and lip a 15-minute session is usually long enough. 15-minutes is $45plus sales tax.

    If you need to shave every day and are growing more of a “goatee” than a full beard, you will need 30 to 45-minutes of treatment. 30-minutes is $55 plus sales tax. 45- minutes is $75 plus sales tax.

    If the hair is all over your face, neck and chest, you will need to do an hour each time until we get to every area. I only work one hour at a time. You can come several times a week if you wish (at the beginning some clients come twice a week) but I will only work one hour at a time with you and not until all areas are fully treated.

    I do this for three reasons. One, most clients get fidgety after an hour. Two, my back gets sore and I need a break. And three, the skin doesn’t like all that zapping and will protest by swelling. 60-minutes is $95 plus sales tax.

    When you contemplate the cost of electrolysis, consider what a lifetime of creams, razors and waxing will cost. Consider too, the countless hours lost pursuing a temporary result. Electrolysis is clearly the best and most cost-effective solution.


    Are all hairs eliminated from one spot after electrolysis treatment?

    Deep, coarse hairs are not always eliminated after one treatment. Due to the cyclic nature of hair growth, new hairs, as well as hairs emerging from a dormant phase, will be treated at the same time; thus, it will take several treatments of an area to ensure that most hairs in the area are eliminated.

    How long does electrolysis take to achieve permanency?

    Electrolysis Treatment programs are tailored to the patient’s needs. Many factors determine the number and the length of treatments required. Some of these may include the condition of the skin to be treated, the sensitivity of the skin, and the number of follicles involved, and even past methods of hair removal can impact treatment. Many patients find weekly sessions of fifteen to sixty minutes to be most effective. The closer  you adhere to the treatment schedule recommended by your electrologist, the more effectively you can free yourself of unwanted hair forever.

    What are the side effects from electrolysis?

    Immediately following treatment, there may be a slight redness and/or swelling which usually disappears within a few hours. Sometimes you might get a few scabs or a bruise (because the blood vessel feeding the hair was affected.) For some individuals, there might be swelling in the area we worked extra long on. An ice pack or cold compress can reduce side effects. For the first 24 hours, it is best to apply the least amount of cosmetics as possible. Be careful with sun exposure. It is always recommended to avoid the rays. Apply sun block (with an SPF of at least 15) every two to three hours for maximum results.

    What do I do about the hair between electrolysis treatments?

    Do not pluck or wax! If necessary, trim the hair with a pair of scissors or nip the hair with a razor (depending on the area on the body). Some women bleach the upper lip and sides of their face. Bleaching is acceptable as long as it is done the week before your next appointment. This time allowance is necessary because bleach can sometimes cut some hairs, so it is possible that not all the hairs in the area will be raised up enough above the skin’s surface less than a week after you bleach.


    Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal

    Should I Use Laser or Electrolysis?

    I recommend lasering first if you have a large area and a lot of hair to get rid of, like a man’s back and shoulders or dark-haired beards.  Once you reduced the amount of hair growing every month, then follow up with electrolysis to get rid of the stragglers.

    But if you are a woman – BEWARE of Lasering your face!

    For some reason (lots of theories) some laser treatments on a woman’s face can cause more hairs to grow.

    Why does electrolysis work better than laser?

    Lasers destroy hair follicles using heat, but the heat must reach the base of the hair follicle, which lies beneath the skin. Yet the heat produced by lasers hit the whole surface of your skin (which is the reason you have increased chances of side effects such as burning). 

    When the heat reaching the follicle is sufficient, it can delay the growth of or destroy the follicle.  But not enough heat always reaches the follicle, so the stem cells are only “stunned” and will regrow, which is why the F.D.A. only allows laser to market as hair reduction, not laser hair removal.

    Lasering Dark Skin? Or  Light Hair?

    The lighter your hair color or the darker your skin color, the less effective laser becomes.  Since the heat produced by laser travels better through the dark hair pigment rather than skin, the success of laser treatment depends on the amount of pigment in your hair compared to your skin.  Therefore, people with light (blond, white, grey) or “peach fuzz” (vellus) hair or those with tan or dark skin are hard or impossible to treat with laser.  Indeed, one of the dangers of laser occurs when technicians crank up the laser power to try to treat people with dark skin or light hair – that is when most laser burns occur.

    Electrolysis Works With All Hair

    It brings the heat directly to the source and only destroys the cells that need to be eliminated, leaving the skin intact.  And since it does not rely on the amount of pigment in the hair or skin, it can treat all hair and skin colors equally well.




To cancel or reschedule your appointment please text 1-347-488-7375..

We want to express how important it is that you never no-show an appointment. If you are no longer able to make your appointment we ask that you give us as much notice as possible to ensure our ability to re-book your appointment slot. Our cancellation policy requires 24 hours to cancel all appointments. Appointments cancelled after 24 hours will be charged 100% of their appointment time. We do not charge this fee for those canceling due to illness. If you have any questions regarding this policy please communicate them before committing to an appointment.  Thank you for supporting us by respecting our policy.

Out of respect for all of our clients, guests arriving more than 15 minutes late to their appointment may be asked to reschedule and will be expected to pay for the time they reserved. When possible we will do our best to alter your services so that we can offer you an appointment upon your arrival, however, many of our services do not have the ability to do so. Lateness cannot be accommodated for consultations, or services for new guests.

And For All You History Buffs…

A Brief History of Electrolysis:

Hair removal has been a human obsession since the days of ancient Egypt. Women used abrasives and chemical substances like our present-day depilatories.

Other hair removal methods have included pumice stone, quicklime, sharpened stones and seashells. But the results were always the same, the hair returned.

Then in 1875, Dr. Charles Michel, an ophthalmologist, developed a technique to remove ingrown eyelashes. Utilizing a fine wire attached to a battery, a small amount of electrical current destroyed the follicle forever. From that day to the present, electrolysis is still recognized as the only safe, effective and permanent form of hair removal.

For over 100 years, the only recognized method of truly permanent hair removal (epilation) has been electrolysis with this technique, a fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle and a low-intensity electric current is applied, effectively eliminating the germinative cells which are responsible for hair growth.

Electrolysis is a hair removal method that has been used for over 135 years. At this time, it is the only permanent option for very fine and light-colored hair.

The FDA currently allows the term “permanent hair removal” for electrolysis only. Unlike laser epilation, electrolysis can be used to remove 100% of the hair from an area and is effective on all hair colors.

“I have laser stimulated hair growth, which is especially frustrating because the follicles are very stubborn. Julia has been completely amazing in her patience & finding the perfect ways to attack my hairs. I am extremely pleased with my results from her. Other electrolygists have given up on me, but she sees it as a challenge & something she wants to beat, & we are! Julia doesn't judge me when I swear & get noticeably angry & frustrated from the pain. She's an awesome person who always makes me feel comfortable.”

— Galatea M.

— Amy N.

“I was recommended to come here by a friend of a friend who sees Julia in Bay Ridge and am very happy that I found someone who performs this service at such a reasonable rate in Williamsburg.

Her Williamsburg place is a cozy, small, very clean, home office. Her equipment is up to date. Julia herself is pleasant and very well informed about the pros and cons of different hair removal systems and causes of hair growth, etc. On a side note, she is also very interested and is a wealth of information about other beauty treatments and nutrition stuff, so she is a great conversationalist if you're into that sort of things as well.

While addressing my needs, she never once made me feel uncomfortable and she never tried to up-sell or convince me that I needed anything more than the basic service I requested. It was also very easy to book an appointment, given my fairly difficult schedule.

Overall, I found her place easy, clean, comfortable and I found her to be very professional, friendly, honest, and willing to go the extra mile. I highly recommend Julia and her service.”


“Julia is great and knowledgeable about the electrolysis process! She is always very professional and certainly tries to accommodate to your schedule. I have been going to her for a couple months now and would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good hair removal specialist.”

— Natalia P.

“I rarely leave reviews but Julia of Electrolysis of Williamsburg has helped me so much since I started my electrolysis journey a few months ago that her praises needed to be spoken! I've been seeing her weekly and from the beginning she has been kind, accommodating, thorough and just absolutely wonderful. I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my own skin since I've started electrolysis and the accessibility and affordability of Julia's practice are to thank for that!!!! I trust her immensely and highly recommend her to anyone and everyone seeking professional hair removal :)”

— Maxi L.

“I've been going to Julia for just about a year now to get electrolysis treatments. She is positively amazing!! From the very beginning, she did a great job explaining the process to me and making me comfortable. I know how weird and uncomfortable someone can make you feel about hair removal but this is NEVER the case with Julia. She's really great to talk to and she knows a great deal about skin care. She has been more than accommodating with scheduling and I always find that she's very flexible. I can't say enough great things about her and her practice!

My problem has gotten SO MUCH better since I've began seeing Julia! I have seen such an improvement and these are results I've never seen with other methods of hair removal (laser, waxing, etc.). Her prices are the best I've seen for electrolysis treatments and I truly wish I would have found her sooner. Her approach and professionalism are exactly what you need if you are looking for permanent hair removal!”

— Janie Z.


347-488-7375 (TEXT or EMAIL ONLY)   |

415  Broadway  Brooklyn 11211

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