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A well groomed appearance is important in business as well as socially.

Beyond that, some men just naturally have too much body hair for

their own sense of style or their partner’s aesthetic taste. If you’re not

someone who cheerfully puts up with a time-consuming hair maintenance

routine, you’ve found the permanent hair removal solution for men: electrolysis.



Back hair and ear hair come to mind, but other areas are part of the “manscaping” process.

Some common areas of treatment are: eyebrows, especially if a unibrow is of concern;

beard sculpting, to eliminate shaving on the cheeks and neck; neckline hair, to treat skin

irritations and ingrown hairs; ear hair; back hair and shoulder hair. Competitive athletes

also choose electrolysis for permanent removal of unwanted body hair. Treatment sessions

can range from 15 minutes to more than an hour, depending on the area being treated.

Based on a thorough and confidential consultation, a professional electrologist will provide

you with a tailored treatment plan that will address your specific areas of concern.


Alex dub

Male Commonly Treated Areas

*Shoulder and Back Hair


*Ear Hair


*Ingrown hair Razor Bumps